Fairies Shopping at the Fairy Garden Boutique

The best part about owning your home would have to be the personal touches you can to add to it. Ever since my husband and I bought our home, it has been one project after another. It is a wonderful experience, because we are creating something together. On more than one occasion, my husband has been guilty of helping me with my newest miniature garden. When I am wandering through the aisles at my local greenhouse, I start to imagine some garden fairies contemplating and planning their next home projects. I like to dream that the fairy houses have as many projects going on, at once, as we do in our home.

When a couple of fairies share a fairy house and they decide to tackle a backyard patio remodel, I wonder if they use the same planning steps that my husband and I have initiated during our restoration? I can visualize them shopping at the Fairy Garden Boutique and looking at bistro sets, benches, garden chairs, and miniature plants. They would try to select colors that match and enhance each other. By choosing decorations that come as kits, the shopping experience would be easier — even for fairies.

There would have to be a theme to the fairy accessories they picked, just like when we select these items for our miniature gardens or other projects around our home. If they were sticking with a more casual rustic feel, they would not want anything too elegant or colorful. However, if they want something feisty and fun it is easy to picture a fairy selecting the “Agate Gemstone Bistro Set” in blue. It is a table for two with a smooth, rock surface tabletop and two matching stools. Natural elements add a ton of artistic character to a fairy home. Once wee folk pick out the statement piece and furniture for their patio, then they would need to select miniature plants that complement the design.

If the fairies would want to add some personality to the fairy garden, in front of the fairies home, plants would of course be the top priority for the fairy friends who love nature above everything else. When decorating their yard, the fairies would take care in deciding every miniature plant they select. A plant high on their list, with a lot of personality, would have to be ‘Mimosa pudica’ otherwise known as “Fairy Sensitive Plant” As the plant matures it produces small pink puffs of bloom. It actually closes in on itself when the fairies touch the leaves of this plant. They would want to protect and define the sensitive plant with a white picket fence wrapping around the yard. It is entertaining to think about these magical fairies going through the motions of updating their homes and gardens like we all do.

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