Iceland has become immensely popular among travellers in recent years. With its unparalleled natural beauty and small size of the island, it is the perfect destination for a road trip. The experience is overwhelming and one to remember all your life.

So you’re going to Iceland and have already started packing. If you have done your research, you would find, that Icelandic weather is very unpredictable. As the saying goes in the country, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes.” Let me tell you, it is not an overstatement. It is imperative that you plan your trip carefully and don’t miss out on packing the following things:



Warm clothes is an obvious part of the list, after all, the place is called ICEland for a reason. Carry at least one very warm, rainproof, windproof, everything proof jacket. Believe me when I say this, you will not regret spending on a jacket that’s a little on the expensive side. This jacket is going to be your best friend on your adventures in the realm of Ice and Fire. The weatherproof quality is going to come in handy when exploring the waterfalls.


Few pairs of hiking pants or trousers are again a necessity for camping in Iceland. It is perfectly possible that a sunny day will turn into a very windy or rainy one in no time. Above all, hiking gear is usually weatherproof which is a prerequisite when it comes to clothes in Icelandic weather.


It does not matter if you’re going for a winter trip or a summer trip, sunglasses are a must have. In the summertime, the sun usually adorns the sky for 20+ hours a day. As good as that is for your road trip, sleeping becomes a challenge, especially if you plan on camping instead of staying in hotels. In winters too, the sunlight that reflects off the snow can cause eye strain. So carry a pair of good, sturdy sunglasses.



As contradicting as it sounds, pack your bikinis and swimming trunks for the trip. Iceland is a hub of geothermal activity. The place is dotted with numerous thermal pools. You will be missing out if you don’t take a dip inside one of the natural thermal pools or warm springs and rivers around the country. Icelandic people are very adamant about their pool rules, so jumping in the water in your shorts is probably not the best idea.



Iceland is a hiker’s paradise. If you want to really explore the country, you will find yourself hiking along unwelcoming and tricky terrain. A sturdy and reliable pair of hiking boots will help you keep your feet warm and dry. They will also help you traverse the terrains that your rented 4X4 vehicle won’t be able to. Don’t be afraid of spending a little more on the boots, it is an investment that will go a long way.


Yes, you have heard it before and I have said it before. But there is good reason behind everyone asking you to pack layers of clothes for your trip. Iceland is a cold country. I agree that a good jacket is something that is quite effective, but layers are easier to pack, and they keep you looking good while not compromising on cold protection.

Don’t forget to pack gloves, warm socks and beanies to stay warm in the unforgiving weather.


What you pack, what you do and where you go, it all depends on when you are visiting Iceland. But there is one thing you can count on, the weather changes drastically in relatively short periods of time, so be prepared. Also, Do not forget to pack something trendy for when you will be partying in Reykjavik, as the people there truly know how to dress.

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