These are The Top 9 Most Dangerous Jobs in The World

Are you “stuck” at a 9 to 5 job? Well, you should be happy that atleast you are not risking your life by doing the job. There are so many jobs in the world which pose actual threat to the worker’s life.

Whenever you hire a window cleaner to clean your house windows or call an electrician to fix an appliance, do you ever give any thought to the fact that they are doing a risky job? We talked to one of the electricians in Melbourne, and he informed us about the risks involved in his job. He said, “Yes, we are professionals, but our work is really dangerous and we are at risk every time we are at the job.”

Well, we decided to make you more aware and list down top 9 most dangerous jobs in the world.

  1. Construction workers: Won’t our life be unimaginably tough if there were no construction workers? But have you ever thought about the risks they put themselves in to do your work? Construction work includes dangerous tools; roofing in particular is extremely dangerous, owing to the height at which they work.
  2. Electricians: In our day to day life we depend so much on our electrical appliances and that is the reason we heavily depend on electricians. The job of an electrician is not easy and comes with several risks as electrical things are included.
  3. Lumberjacks: Have you ever seen the workplace of a lumberjack? If you have, you would know kind of danger the job involves. Humongous logs and sharp tools, the job needs a great amount of care.
  4. Deep Sea Fishermen: Deep sea fishing is not your regular hobby “fishing”, commercial fishing involves many risks and endangers the worker’s life. The huge waves, heavy rain, and unstable weathers make the tack incredibly treacherous.
  5. Window Cleaners: Yes, modern technology of water fed window cleaning poles have lowered the risks but the fact that it is still risky is undeniable. The risk increases by manifolds when the cleaners are cleaning high rise buildings.
  6. Stuntmen: Superhero movie? Yes please. Who doesn’t love them. But have you ever considered the amount danger stuntmen out themselves in order to make your heroes look the way they do? The job of a stuntmen involves a lot of risk taking and puts their life in grim danger.
  7. Land Mine Remover: This should come as no surprise, the job has the word “land mine” in it which screams “danger” pretty loudly. “Removing the landmines”, surely doesn’t sound fun.
  8. Miners: Miners work in mines which is rather a risky workplace. They are constantly exposed to health hazards which deteriorates their health very much. The mines also have another major risk: Caving in.
  9. Firefighters: However handsome the firefighters might be, you cannot overlook the fact that their job puts them in grave danger. They work with fire, is that not reason enough? Their job is to keep the people safe, but that doesn’t guarantee their safety.

Since we are talking about the most dangerous jobs in the world, let us not forget to have a moment of silence for the content writers out there; our work is not easy by any means. HA HA.

So, these were the jobs which risk the worker’s safety. Make it point that you realise their value and worth; be nice, polite, and generous to them. We have to understand the danger and respect and appreciate them for the jobs that they do.

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