Why Telluride Is Such a Great Ski Town

After studying at the University of Georgia, where she earned a BS in interior design, Laurette Shaw went on to a successful career as an interior designer in the Atlanta and Savannah areas. When on vacation, Laurette Shaw enjoys skiing. Her favorite place to ski is Telluride, Colorado.

While there are a lot of great ski options throughout Colorado, many skiers give Telluride top billing, as it encompasses all the qualities that the best ski towns should have: terrain, a town presence, and a range of tourist facilities.

Telluride’s terrain is world-class, with varied and challenging bump ski runs as well as a treeless bowl that allows skiers to ski any line. Better yet, it offers groomed routes, meaning the trails are well marked and the snow surface is packed and levelled. Telluride offers a number of routes for skiers of all experience levels.

As a town, Telluride has a historic, Old West feel, full of charming shops, restaurants, bars, and more. As the town was built around the ski industry, visitors can ski right into town and take a break before hopping back onto a gondola or lift and resume skiing. Of course, the town also offers many hotels, with varying price ranges, so that everyone can enjoy a ski vacation that fits their budget.

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