The Value of Lifting Each Other Up

Today’s young girls are tomorrow’s leaders, both personally and professionally.

Today on my personal Instagram, I received requests to follow from two different tween/teen girls. As is my practice on every social media platform, I checked out their respective bios before deciding whether to accept or decline the requests.

What I read was disappointing on both counts. Not entirely unique in today’s online environment (unfortunately), but disappointing to be sure.

One girl’s bio mentioned a couple of her friends and referred to them as “bitches”, a big no-no in my book. I am okay with using the word to call someone out who’s being nasty, but not in using it to address our fellow women of any age. It’s a derogatory word. Reserve it for fitting occasions. Period.

The other girl’s bio referred to the mother of the reader (you, me, whomever) in a negative way. And that’s it. No other details. Just a yo’ motha… slight that spoke nothing of my actual mother but spoke volumes about this girl.

Instead of shaking my head and ignoring the bios and requests to follow, I sent them each a personal message (below).

Regardless of our age, weight, skin colour, education, political or religious beliefs, we each want the very best. The ultimate way to achieve that is to bring the best to the table every day. Please join me in helping young women see the best in themselves and put it out there every day in every way. They’re (we’re) so worth it.

Update: the girl that received the above left message responded quickly, simply saying, “ok”. Then she followed up with, “thanks 😊 😘”.