The Breakdown of 2015: What I Know For Sure

365 days of the year, 52 weeks of 7 days. I can not even begin to explain to you how much this year changed my life! Simply put, for me this was the year of being lit like no other, coming of age and trying to find a big piece of self.

I remember bringing in 2015 like it was a few weeks ago, surrounded by my best friends and meeting Keith Sweat in the club, but 52 weeks later, here I am, writing on my couch and envisioning how big 2016 will be for me in my personal and professional life. This year in a nutshell has been the most transformative year of my life. 2015 was a golden year . You know how gold sparkles and stands out? It doesn’t blend in amongst other colors, but it catches your eye. I had a lot of those “stand out” moments. A ton of moments, instances and relationships that caught people’s eyes. A lot of eye opening experiences. Just as people are attracted to gold, I think a big portion of my life was entertaining and confusing to some this year. I was sparkling and shining honey, but these stand out moments taught me a lot about who I am and who I am becoming.

This was my most reflective year yet and in that reflection, I’ve decided to compile a list of 52 realizations, lessons and quotes that got me, and a few special contributors, through it all.

The Breakdown:

1. Embrace and act on who your innermost soul tells you who you are.

2. God is insanely faithful.

3. It’s OK to drink. Just hydrate. Don’t let people judge you for your intake…unless it’s unhealthy.

4. Beyonce is me and I am Beyonce. ***Flawless.

5. Love is absolutely fluid.

6. Forehead kisses are intimate and breathtaking.

7. Forgive your parents for their mistakes.

8. I have a smart ass mouth and I’m unapologetic for it.

9. Hennessy produces tears, dancing and parking lot arguments. Indulge in it.

10. Wake up and thank God for the life you live. Make it a priority to thank Him.

11. I don’t want to be on-air talent anymore. Realizing this has stressed my soul, but encouraged me to grow in other areas.

12. Treat yourself physically, mentally and spiritually as often as you’d like.

13. “Hoe” is a self-defined term. Your body is yours — tell everyone to mind their business!

14. “Being alone equals self growth and no drama, lol.” — Jeremy Harris

15. Love is heartbreak and happiness.

16. It’s OK to cry in church.

17. Protect the P! Pamper it properly and go to the doctor. Know your body.

18. Love wins.

19. Teach yourself a new language and dedicate yourself to it. I lowkey speak Arabic.

20. “Pray that you become the person that everyone already believes you are.” — Chelsie Bennett

21. “Just because you love them doesn’t mean you can have them around.” — Alex Elle

22. I can cut my hair off and rock multiple weaves. I’m fiercer than I believe. Confidence is growth.

23. Cut FAKE FEMALES off. Save your sanity.

24. Read! Engage your intellectual being.

25. It’s OK to DM people first. It absolutely goes down in the DM’s.

26. Be kind always. Be thankful.

27. Good grades are possible! It may take a while, but you can always do it. Believe that. Strive.

28. Screenshot your exes for when they play games. Don’t show anyone. Just have them for personal gain…

29. Crying is healing.

30. “No one warns you about the amount of mourning in growth.” — Anon.

31. I have the most diverse and incredible friends that I love beyond measure.

32. Social media is messy if you follow messy people. Use it in moderation.

33. Journal through your bulls — . Journal through your triumphs.

34. Eliminate the thought of “what’s next?” Embrace the idea that God has your life planned out in ways you can not imagine.

35. Tinder is trash. Go out and finesse a quality bae. Wait and see who God has for you.

36. Boys are annoying. Girls are too.

37. Don’t expect to be rewarded for all that you do. Do it because it’s sincere.

38. “You are capable, brave, and significant…even when you feel like you’re not.” — Tyra Livingston

39. I don’t like any of the girls that talk to my previous flings and that is stunting my growth and my journey to freedom.

40. “Question your soul’s intention.” — Oprah Winfrey.

41. Study the world around you and inside the classroom. Always keep learning.

42. Laugh! Laugh at yourself. Soon, you will have the strength to laugh at your past.

43. “The difference between a missed opportunity and a story of success is the amount of confidence you approach the situation with.” — Joel Gray

44. Social media stalking will destroy your peace. Block your ex! Block anyone that disturbs your spirit.

45. Casual is convenient, but unfulfilling. Demand the love you give so freely to others.

46. Reminder: You good, you poppin.

47. I am absolutely crazy and that is perfectly fine. Passion is craziness.

48. Tell someone you love them everyday.

49. You can not force anyone to love you, see your potential or take you back after you’ve made a mistake.

50. Be graceful in letting go.

51. Travel.

52. I’m thankful that I live my live with no boundaries. I am undefineable.

Thank you to my readers, friends and mom (…) who read my blog this year. 2015 was incredible, but I promise you 2016 will be a magnificent and colorful story to tell. Cheers to unveiling my truth and cheers to life.

It’s so lit.

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