I would’ve felt the torment in her vocal about a lover lost in time if it wasn’t for the summer night breeze on my back.

I reached for my top that was lying next to my jacket when he insisted on helping me in it. It was my turn to grin and mumbled under my breath about how it takes two to tango. There was only a few hours before dawn came, I took a mental picture of everything in sight and stored it in my memory. The lake, the moon, the grass area, the blanket we sat on and him. We sat facing the lake, both dressed and our hands were almost touching. “It will be a long wait until the next one comes.” I said.

“ I thought this would be it but apparently we’re about to have one more before…” I turned to see another ripple from the middle of the lake and quickly recalled every bit of our moments together.

“I like it here, with you and to think that…” he shook his head in disbelief. His loss of words brought a pang in my heart.

“It’s strange to love someone based on memories. There’s not enough time.” I said.

He pressed his cheek against mine, “it doesn’t matter because we were one soul since the beginning of time.”

He asked me if he had looked the way I had imagined and how he’d always spot me on our next reunion.

“Your eyes. I will know it’s you. What about you? How will you recognize me?” He grinned.

I sat up and said,” I will see a circle of lights, a sign that you’re from my soul family, just like I did before.”

He kissed the top of my head, “I hope it doesn’t take too long. Not that I recalled we had one but the last one is usually the most challenging and it may not always end in a union.” I could hear the sadness in his voice and kissed him.

I heard another ripple coming from the lake. My heart was racing in fear. “please, don’t take us apart. I beg you. I will do anything” I pleaded so loud for the sky to hear my frantic voice. Then I heard the tremor in his voice saying how he’d always found me no matter what. I held him so tight when I felt something shook from the ground. A light burst out from the bottom of the lake, so enormous it pushed the water out and turned the light into a fountain of energy that moved in circles. We held on so tight we could feel each other’s heartbeat. Then a force came like a tornado pulling us apart. I saw the pain in his eyes just as I felt the emptiness in my heart. I remembered his face and what he was trying to say, “remember tonight” before darkness came upon us. Our clothes and skins were shredded like ribbons falling to a bottomless end, but there wasn’t a pain. We returned to become souls, weightless and cleansed from memories of our last reincarnation. I felt something of pure essence held me in its palms, it spoke the words of love and that my new journey was about to take place. Then I saw flashes and silhouette of someone so dear as if I had been with them for the longest time, a voice that spoke my name before it disappeared. The voice said it was time to go and i was transported through a tunnel of undeciphered frequency and energy. Then I woke up inside a cocoon where I felt warmth and a heartbeat.

It wasn’t after decades later, on a continent that was a day away from the land I was born in, when I stood before the one I had forgotten from my past. The one who was surrounded by a circle of lights on a late spring evening, I knew from that moment my life was never the same. But his memories never came back, not the way he promised he would. I searched for the soul within but I was lost in a sea of crowd, separated by hills and sand dunes that he drew between us. Trembled and torn wishing he would remember how we were once lovers of a lifetime.