What are the active tools for App design development?

If you are a good developer, but lacks design skills then you have to attend meetings that focus on application development design. Those meetings should be lead by experts designers.

App development complexities

As the mobile is becoming more and more complex and faster. More options are popping up in the development world. If you remember the initial days of development, you only have to provide your client with a static website, where only the functionality matter. But now, every person got a mobile and he is actively looking for app and websites that can help him with his daily tasks. This increase the importance of active app designers, who can help people to get everything they want in an app in the easiest possible way.

For me, I learned the lesson hard way. My apps were extremely good, but they were lacking everything a great app can have.

After attending the event, I started focusing on the real-time performance of the app. This helped me to get everything I want with minimal effort.

Analyzing Details

First Android, you have to analyze everything in great detail. Why? More than 100 sizes and orientations are active in app development. App development designs are diverse and need special attention.

You have to use proper gradients for better view-ability of the app.

Dp, Dip and Px Devices

You have to use dp, dip, and px accordingly. As the sizes changes, your app will not perform greatly. Like if you are using dp on the 480x720 device, it will not perform well on 1920x1080 device. All the views will not show on the front screen if the screen is fully populated.

Other options include much more than just simple graphics. Android and iOS are offering different images for different screen sizes and orientations. As an example, you have more than 7 folders in Android, you can use to enhance the performance in terms of graphics.

Usage of 9 Patch Images

Another example is 9 patch images. At another meetup, I came across these type of graphics management. This is the perfect match for everything. You can have everything at one go. You can use 1 image for every size without realizing the overall effect. They are simple to make, can be stretched whenever required.

At last, you have to take the most important approach in the development.