“The Power of I Am”, by David Allen, is changing my life. My belief and practice of this gifted knowledge is progressing over time; but it hits my heart immediately every time I read or listen to the words.

What higher purpose is there outside of creating a real relationship with our designer, building one’s self in order to maximize potential, and yearning to help others do the same?

God has shared with us and said, “I Am That I Am”.

Time to share words that are for us all:

~ The Power of I am ~

“*I Am* is power. And *I Am* will free you when you know what it is and how to use it. *I Am* is your center. And what you experience is what you have believed to be truth, and attached to it. Be very careful what you attach to your *I Am*. It has the power to limit you or… free you.”

*I Am* you.

I Am Love. I Am Wealth. I Am Health. I Am Spirit. I Am Power. I Am Abundance. I Am Plenty. I Am Divine Substance. I Am Strength. I Am Source Energy. I Am Genius. I Am Beauty. I Am Life. I Am Color. I Am Thankful. I Am Divine Mind. I Am Energy. I Am Happy. I Am Fun. I Am Open-Minded. I Am Young. I Am Strong. I Am Wise. I Am Wonderful. I Am Positive. I Am Determined. I Am Motivated. I Am Persistant. I Am Survival. I Am Upbeat. I Am Confidence. I Am Thoughtful. I Am Tolerant. I Am Compassion. I Am Divine Energy. I Am Success. I Am Intelligence. I Am Good. I Am Mind. I Am Joy. I Am One With God. I Am Perfect. I Am Whole. I Am Grateful. I Am Secure. I Am Free. I Am Consciousness. I Am Awareness. I Am Insight. I Am Revelation. I Am Illumination. I Am Enlightenment. I Am Heaven. I Am Unlimited. I Am Harmony. I Am Prosperous. I Am Magnetic. I Am Gifted. I Am Vitality. I Am Radiant Substance. I Am Divinity. I Am Light. I Am Alive. I Am Calm. I Am Relaxed. I Am Divinely Guided. I Am Pure. I Am Knoble. I Am Awake. I Am Allowing. I Am Creative. I Am Blessed. I Am Worthy. I Am Blissful. I Am Beautiful. I Am Grace. I Am Focused. I Am Kindness. I Am Imagination. I Am Inspired. I Am Authenticity. I Am Integrity. I Am Respect. I Am Responsibility.

I Am Truthful. I Am Vibration. I Am The Universe. I Am Master Of My Destiny. I Am What I Desire To Be.

I Am What God Has Created Me To Be.

**We All Are**

Praise and glory to our creator and gifted power of *I Am*.

~ Hans_Zito ~

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