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Hi, yes, hello. My name is Jennifer Brown (Doc Holliday) and I’m the woman from Dallas that you are so very kindly shitting all over in this post. Please, do tell me more about how this makes you “the good guy hanging around on social media.”

A friend of mine told me about this post of yours. I have deactivated my Twitter account because of this and I have reported this post as harassment to Your Friends @ Medium. Just in case you were unsure, I created this entirely new profile to make sure you knew that what you are doing here is definitely harassment.

I have absolutely no idea what your problem with me is, because I think I’ve interacted with you exactly zero times ever on my other profile. If I have, it wasn’t memorable to me. I can see that you’re also the type of person who prefers to block people so they can’t respond and then shit on them. That’s a lovely thing to do! It fits right in with your claim of being a “good guy on social media.”

Continue to harass me and I will continue to find out about it and report you.