Last Day of 2015

On this day of the year in the past, I always found myself in a pensive, reflective mood. I was also quite big on resolutions until my utter lack of follow through became evident with a litany of failures year after year. With time, I ditched the New Year’s Resolution bit but I held tightly to my conviction that New Year’s Eve was a day for ‘sober reflection’.

This year has been kind of different. Maybe because I’ve been a bit out of sorts and all over the place…trying to find an apartment, buy a car and settle into a new role at work probably does that to you! So in a weird way, I feel like I’m unprepared for the coming year! Apparently my ritual means more than I really understood.

It’s 5 hours to the new year in my time zone at the moment. I noticed the niggling feeling earlier in the day, like I wasn’t doing something right. I couldn’t shake the thought that all my activities (all very useful if I may say so myself…) weren’t the best use of the day. Up until now that is…

So I’m asking myself “Am I really unprepared for the new year? Just because I didn’t spend the entire day in deep thought, will I struggle? It’s just tomorrow isn’t it? Just another few hours away right? Why didn’t I feel this way about any of the other 364 transitions all year? Why has the turn of the calendar assumed such a high place in my mind?”

I don’t think I have clear answers to these questions but this much is true to me as I write this:

  • Tomorrow will be a day just like any other
  • Today, and every other day before it has prepared me (or at least offered me the opportunity to be prepared) for tomorrow and all the days that may follow it
  • We may cheer ‘Happy New Year’, but life is still and will always be lived one day at a time

I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I’m hopeful. I will be just fine. Apologies for not having any nuggets of wisdom to share here, just random musings straight from my heart.

Happy New Year!

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