Good News…Bad News (Update from Lawpadi)

Public holidays were declared in Nigeria for last Friday and yesterday (Monday), for the Eid-el-Kabir (Sallah) celebrations…quick fun fact, did you know that there is a law governing public holidays in Nigeria? It is called the Public Holidays Act, and you can check it out here.

There was also an interesting conversation on social media kicked off by Mr Supo Sasore, SAN who is a former Attorney-General of Lagos State:

This then spurred some debate as to the provisions of the Public Holidays Act:

All interesting stuff if you are into debates about the law.

Anyway, to this week’s post. We have got some good and some bad news.

Good news - We are working on a number of things behind the scenes to revamp our website, and you should begin to see some changes in the next couple of weeks. We would obviously love your feedback and input, so if you think there are some things which should be included to improve the platform, then please let us know.

Bad news - We have been running this platform over 2 years as a free service for Nigerians, and we have seen it grow significantly in this period. While growth is a great thing, it also comes with its challenges, and to meet these challenges we have had to make some decisions to ensure we are financially healthy. Therefore, we are pausing the free ‘how to guides’, and will instead be making this a paid-for service. We will reveal more about this in the coming weeks along with the improvements to the website. Your thoughts on this would also be welcome.

If you emailed us requesting how to guides on specific businesses, please know we are working on them and we will still make them available, but this will be a paid service.

Have a great week ahead…best wishes from the team!

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Legal Term of the Week: ‘Allegation’- an unproved statement declaring that something has happened.


LawPàdí Team

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