How to Get Legal Advice If You’re Broke

People are intimidated when it comes to contacting a lawyer for legal advice. It’s understandable, lawyers have stereotypes of being cut throat, greedy and expensive.

At LawTrades, we’re trying to create a new wave of lawyering. A system that allows you to find a lawyer that’s affordable, transparent and accessible. After all, it’s almost 2015 — getting legal help shouldn’t be a pain in the a**.

Whether you’re trying to figure out the best entity for your business, filing for a trademark, getting a divorce or filing for a visa, here’s how you can get legal advice without breaking the bank.

Lawyers typically bill anywhere from $250-$500 per hour. This is a lot of money! Some people don’t even make $500 in one week. That’s why at LawTrades we created a new product that we think all of you will love. It’s called a legal strategy session. A legal strategy session is a no holds barred legal consultation in which you can ask all the questions you have all for $150.

Now you might be wondering how we’re able to give you access to vetted lawyers for a reduced price. The answer is that we’re able to reduce overhead costs for lawyers, therefore they’re able to pass the savings on to clients.

At LawTrades, we’re working on building what we think will be the future of how legal services are delivered and we hope you can join us on our mission. Cheers to making the legal industry affordable, transparent and accessible.

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