On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Hold on a second. Sanders’s policies are not predicated on a 5 percent growth prediction, as is stated above. The 5 percent estimate isn’t from the Sanders team, but from an unaffiliated economist called Gerald Friedman. And even he’s not saying you need 5 percent growth for Sanders’s plans, but that the plans will result in 5 percent growth. Now, how many politicians are going to reject that optimism from a sympathetic unaffiliated economist? Should we really rubbish Sanders for not distancing himself from someone who thinks he’s amazing? Here’s the WSJ on the economist in question (the WSJ not exactly being keen on Sanders-style policies): http://blogs.wsj.com/.../five-percent-growth-bernie.../

As you’ll see, the 5 percent statement made above is wrong. So too is the statement about his legislative record. If you check out Politifact, you’ll see that Sanders was the “amendment king” during is congressional tenure; HC by comparison passed no amendments as Senator. Politifact concludes: “Roll call amendments aside, Sanders isn’t shattering any legislative records, though he’s not doing poorly either.”