The Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes People Make at Home

A lush, green lawn is not impossible to achieve. Routine care and maintenance may be the key to a beautiful yard, but the reality is many homeowners are prone to make a few common mistakes that could cost them without realizing it. Fortunately, learning about lawn maintenance errors can save you from having to deal with the consequences. You will then be able to observe proper care practices in the future for healthier looking garden.


Water is essential to grass health and growth. However, dousing them with too much water can lead to adverse effects. Weed growth, fungal infection, and nutrient loss are just some of the problems that could happen to your grass due to overwatering. Generally, lawns only need an inch of water a week. To fulfill this need, water your lawn three times a week with a third of an inch of water each time. The best watering time is in the morning. There are many ways to measure the water height, such as placing coffee cans at several spots on your lawn. Make sure to water your lawn uniformly. Read more from this article:

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