This isn’t goodbye…….

It has been a remarkable honor to be a part of the story — still in development — at TheBlaze. Like TheBlaze itself, my professional story is also still in development. But I’m pleased to share that over the past four weeks, my career has taken a turn in the direction of my hopes and aspirations.

Many of you who know me or follow my work appreciate that I’m a man of faith. At the beginning of this year, I shared with my family and a few close friends that I felt as though I was on the cusp of something significant in my life. As sometimes happens to the faithful, I felt in my heart and bones that something big was in store for me professionally at TheBlaze, or beyond. I’m pleased to share that I was right. That good things come to those who put in the work, who are patient, and who ask “how can I help?”.

I’ve worked at TheBlaze for the past 2.5 years in a range of capacities, but never had a precisely defined position or role at the company. I started in 2014 when my friend Dana Loesch invited me to be a contributor to her daily television show and act as her ‘man on the street’. I’m grateful to Dana for that look. After 14 months working on The Dana Show, TheBlaze offered me my first formal position as “Contributor” and fill-in host for the network’s various TV and Radio shows. That step provided another significant opportunity to grow.

In 2015, multi-media personality and the founder of TheBlaze, Glenn Beck, and I started actually to talk to each other outside of my work on a soundstage or reporting from the street. Ha. It may be hard to believe, but it took me a while to warm up to him. As a young man who once was a committed Democrat, my initial impression of Glenn from his FOX and CNN days — supported by the media’s framing him as a controversial personality — was that of a conservative flamethrower. A political antagonist. I was not on board.

Since that time, Glenn and I have developed a great friendship. We even pray together. Moreover, Glenn is my mentor. He supports my growth and improvement as a host and commentator on TV and radio. He has a unique ability to elicit the best from people — and himself. Glenn provides me with a great example of a man who acknowledges and understands his mistakes and coaches me how to avoid the same career potholes.

Recently, he and I had this long talk before my world exclusive interview with the family of Micah Johnson. It was a big break for me in my career. Glenn promised he would help me get to the finish line, but if or when it was my time to leave TheBlaze in the wake of this interview’s broadcast, to please allow him to help me. Glenn committed not to hold me back.

I’m grateful to share with you all that the Johnson family interview went well. Some of you may have even seen it air on TheBlaze or watched it on-demand. And I’m even more excited to share that I will not be leaving the network for other opportunities.

TheBlaze is my home, but my role is changing. My partners in the network’s new leadership team offered me a new title and position, and I’ve accepted! I am a storyteller, and as the newest Contributing Host at TheBlaze, that’s precisely what I’m going to do.

So often in this business, we focus on polarizing politics at the expense of people. I’m going to continue to focus on people, their problems, and their stories — all with an eye to finding common ground. You will see me, my stories, and the results of my investigative reporting reflected across TheBlaze in many forms.

To my family, friends, and supporters I can’t thank you enough. We have work to do. Let’s GO!

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