IF Third-party Infrastructure Provisioning Tools, THEN CD Pipelines

Originally published in The New Stack Update.

Since our new Kubernetes survey borrows a couple of questions from Justin Garrison’s recent survey, we are highlighting one of Garrison’s findings — with the usual caveat that a web survey’s sample should not be extrapolated to the larger market. The survey found that most people (78 percent) still use configuration management tools to provision infrastructure, but those that use third-party tools like Terraform or Kops (29 percent) are much more likely to use continuous delivery (CD) to deliver applications. The chart above shows 59 percent of respondents used a CD pipeline like Jenkins or Travis to deliver applications. That figure jumps to 81 percent among those provisioning infrastructures with a third-party tool. Based on your help with the TNS Survey, we hope to determine exactly how Kubernetes fits into the larger CD pipeline picture.