NY League of Conservation Voters Releases Capital Region Blueprint

A respected Albany, New York, lawyer, Lawrence Schillinger has experience representing clients on issues spanning government relations and environmental regulations. Lawrence Schillinger chairs the Capital Region chapter of the New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV), which has a focus on sustainability issues affecting local residents.

In March 2016, following municipal and county elections in which the efforts of local advocates were vital, NYLCV released its Blueprint for a Greener Capital Region. This two-year report identified several achievable goals, including the need for regional transit analysis to help create a plan for efficiently connecting rail and air hubs and forming a rapid transit system.

Another focus is on creating a streamlined process for renewable energy installations to go forward, with these types of projects incentivized on government-owned property. A third major issue NYLCV is working to address involves ensuring safe and clean drinking water through regular testing for contaminants. Speaking of the report, Mr. Schillinger emphasized that outdated infrastructure and pollution have impacted access to clean water in recent years, with prominent examples being Troy and Hoosick Falls.

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