Girl boss or nah

I’ve possibly picked the worst time to come out on my own. I’ve been in public relations for about five years now and having not been able to find a place that share my vision, I decided to take the plunge just last month, quit my job to set up Bask Communications.

I’m currently a one man team at Bask. Thankfully I have the support of many other people around me and I never really feel like I’m alone. No one can truly tell you how daunting and scary it is to not have a stream of income anymore. I’m pending to sign off my first revenue of just over a thousand dollars. Coincidentally, an old friend has also ran off with the same amount of my money. I can only be grateful that it should, I hope cover the amount I lost from being cheated.

You see, when you first start a business, you think about things like how do I find clients, how do I convert them etc. You don’t think about how your money will get stolen in completely unrelated incidences by people around you, or that you would get so demoralised by the lack of progression in spite of your enthusiasm. You will not be able to anticipate the news to be plastered with nothing but retrenchment and headlines such as “highest unemployment rate in 7 years” just right at the same time as you say bye bye to the steady stream of income.

People always say that self-employment is hard because you end up being lazy and sleeping all the time. I do have weirder hours now given that I wake up around noon but I work till late at night; maybe this was the rhythm my body has been trying to fight for my entire life.

It’s been one month now, and a really trying one. I really hope to make Bask Communications real, and a success for me and my future clients.