Allowing women to drive marks a historic step in Saudi Arabia

What an exciting time for Saudi, there’s a strong national sentiment today since the royal decree last night that’s been anticipated for such a long time.

The country’s population has a majority of youth who look forward to a new Saudi Arabia, with a strong diversified economy and a vibrant and open society. Already we’re witnessing so much change at such a fast pace this year which is not usual in the history of the kingdom.

With the economy and society transforming, the country witnessed a 130% increase in the workforce in the last 4 years. Transportation was a huge obstacle.

There’s so much to look forward to when women have equal status to men. Being able to drive is not just a transportation issue, it’s acknowledging her independence and empowering her. She’ll be able to compete in the labor market, have a stronger role in the family and free her from so many burdens. Her male counterparts will, in return, be forced to treat her equally.

When conservatives first protested against girls’ schools, they changed their mind the following year and asked for more schools to be built.

Those who oppose #SaudiWomenDriving will eventually change their mind like when they first opposed girls’ education. A decisive stand like last night’s decree is what was needed.