Hillary beat Trump in this one

Hillary Clinton’s tweet post-election day got retweeted over 637,ooo times. What’s interesting is that her tweet was posted barely a month ago and it’s already ranked the third most retweeted tweet of the year!

Funnily enough, Trump had more visibility in the media and is constantly active on Twitter. Can anyone forget his tweet a day after Fidel Castro passed a way where he wrote: Fidel Castro is dead!

Yes, that was an exclamation mark. I don’t know if that was his way of telling the news (although late) or expressing his surprise or his joy.

I’m guessing Hillary’s tweet went viral this fast because there was an emotional factor playing. On post-election day, many Americans were feeling depressed, sympathetic or simply emotional. It was also the second time a female candidate was not nominated for president — a disappointment for many.

These are the top two retweeted tweets of the year. One was back in February and the other one was in August.

Many of the trending hashtags in politics and news involved the US, including #Election2016, #BlackLivesMatter#, #PrayforOrlando, and #AltonSterling.

As for the trending challenges,the #MannequinChallenge was ranked number 1. I personally found it to be the most fascinating and creative challenge ever launched on social media.