A Moderator-ly Good Update

Patch Notes 7/11/17

Hi friends,

Happy patch day! Before we get into the update we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for an amazing first couple weeks. Despite some pernicious bugs, we’ve loved seeing how you’ve all been using your dashboards! Your love is keeping us warm at night as we code away.

Now that that is out of the way, we have new toys for everyone!

Site Updates

  • A Koala stole the subscriber filter on the Audience card. We traded him some crackers & got it back.
  • There are some new filters & views available for the notifications card. Find them under the settings button on the top right of the card itself.
  • We tweaked a few things on the back-end to make the site more fluid.
  • Someone fed Jed a donut.

Essentials Features

By popular user request, Thom whipped up something fancy for everyone who wants to maximize their space:

Text can now be scaled in the Twitch Chat window!

We love hearing your requests so don’t hesitate to tweet us your feature ideas! They’re the candy in our backlogs.

Plus Features

For this patch we wanted to give some love to moderators. They do a lot behind the scenes for casters and communities alike and we’re actively working to make their jobs easier. Our hope is this feature set enables faster communication between casters and moderators. We’re aiming to streamline the goings on within the chat as well as provide an easy point of reference in the post-cast haze. Casters, you can quickly add your mod crew to your Layer One account under “Moderators” in the menu. From there, Moderators can create their own dashboards that pull your data so they can custom craft their own view of channel happenings.

Please note, these features currently require the broadcaster’s account to be Plus in order to access them. As a reminder, providing others access to your data also means they will have access to tips, bits, and sub information so please use with care.

Mod Chat

In order to streamline communication we wanted to bring a direct line of chat between you and your mods. Try it out with your mods and let us know what you think!

Ban Logs

Want to be able to easily see who has been banned in your channel? Want a better idea of why they were banned? Want to know which of your mods banned someone or why? We have got you covered.

There are a lot of features to this piece so we broke some of them down.

First, all bans will be provided in a log view. From there, you & your moderators can claim a ban to let everyone know who hit the hammer.

Second, we have provided the ability for you to historically update the ban reasons. You can quickly select a reason such as spam, links or users being disrespectful. None of our quick reasons cover what you are looking for? No worries, you can add your own!

Third, (and most fancy) we’ve also given you some context to the banned user by allowing you to see the messages & chat discussion leading up to the ban.

Fourth, and most important, party on!

Known Bugs (Hot fix coming soon)

  • Commercials are currently not running properly.
  • Notes not updating dynamically when moderators make changes only after a refresh.
  • Pressing Enter in the card search bar clears the search.
  • Ban logs icons do not update when another user interacts with them.

We hope you are enjoying Layer One and if there is anything that you feel is missing, please let us know via Twitter or our new fancy Discord in case you want a more direct line to us! We’re eager to get more systems & integrations added in.

That’s it for now!

All the best,

The Layer One Team