Kicking off 2017

Updates on the site & what is to come in 2017

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to start by wishing you all a happy new year. 2017 has a lot of good things in store. It has been a while and we have some info we wanted to share about what we have been up to and what to expect for 2017!

Small elephant in the room

As it is probably very apparent, we have not updated the site in quite some time. In August last year we had an all hands on deck meeting to discuss best options for the site and service as a whole. There were a few tech issues we needed to work through. After a lot of discussion we determined the best course of action was to rebuild from the ground up. For the long term of the site this was a tough decision. It meant no new features for all of everyone while we rebuilt everything. This decision was an important one for the long run though. 
Why do this? The real reason for this decision was because of how long it was taking us to get new features out to everyone. We needed more control and faster iteration times. Our goal with this rebuild is that we will be able to deploy features and updates much faster. Without this rebuild that is next to impossible. The site should be much faster and controlling your dashboard should be infinitely easier with the coming updates.

Secretly Thom

This will be the last time we fully rebuild everything (it’s the 4th full rebuild.) If we tried another I think Thom would turn into a wild grizzly bear and eat Jed alive.

What’s to come

In the upcoming weeks we will be migrating everyone to the new site. The transition should be a seamless move. You will notice some minor stylistic changes on some of your cards. Should be the main indication you are on the new systems.

A little bad news

Anyone currently on the Layer One Plus trial will be moved off of a trial account. We have decided we will no longer be offering a trial of our Plus service. No worries, you will still have a free account. Just be aware there may be a few features that you lose access to when you are moved off of the Trial. You can regain these by upgrading to Plus.

Anyone who is on our $5 plan will retain that rate until you cancel your subscription with the service. Thank you for supporting us and believing in what we are doing here. Our gratitude cannot be easily summed up in this post.

Those interested in upgrading to Plus at the $5 rate who had an account prior to the migration to the new system please contact us from the support chat at the bottom right of your settings page or via Twitter . We will honor our offering of that rate till Feb 28th this year.

The good news

All accounts who have been active in the last month are getting 3 months of Layer One Plus for free. We love everyone who have supported us this far and we want to make sure you know how much your time on our platform means to us.

Login issues

We are addressing a lot of issues around the login process! There have been quite a few things making logging in and staying on the site harder than ideal and we want to ensure those are no longer an issue. For the sake of safety your account may get signed out after 30 days, but signing in 12 times a year is definitely better than 365.


Fully rebuilt site, coming out of beta soon, new features will begin coming much faster, trial tier is being removed, active users are getting upgraded to Plus for 3 months, & we are fixing login issues.

We look forward to providing the best service possible in 2017. If you have any feedback or feature requests we want to hear from you, please shoot us a dm on Twitter or reach out in our support chat at the bottom right of your settings page. Keep an eye out for some exciting new updates, it’s going to be a good year!


Josh Belkin
CEO & Snack Lover
And the entire Layer One team.