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2 min readFeb 21, 2023


Testnet Bridge

Anyone who has ever spent time developing on Goerli has suffered the same problem: getting any reasonable amount of Goerli-ETH is near impossible. One of our first experiences with testing systems at scale was a battle of “us” against the Goerli faucet. We camped the faucet for days, begged, and ultimately ended up buying a bunch of Goerli ETH OTC via Twitter. The faucets were an intractable combination of fast enough to get the minimum amount we needed and slow enough to make testing large batches of deployments and transactions near impossible. As developers, we promised ourselves that when we had the time we’d create something that would solve this problem for our team and future developers.

Today we introduce the Testnet Bridge and create an open market for immediate pricing of ETH/GOERLI-ETH.

The initial price of Goerli-ETH is set to $0.10 and the pool is seeded with 12,500 Goerli-ETH. These pools are open and hosted on Uniswap on both Ethereum and Goerli. We welcome the community to LP and actively trade to achieve real price discovery and equilibrium. The two pools are listed as

Goerli: ETH/mETH (“Mainnet ETH”)

Ethereum: ETH/gETH (“Goerli ETH”)

What happens in the background is a swap from ETH on Ethereum to Goerli-ETH on Goerli executed as:

  • Swap ETH/gETH locally on Ethereum
  • Bridge gETH from Ethereum to Goerli
  • Unwrap gETH to ETH on Goerli

…from native ETH on Ethereum to native ETH on Goerli in a single click.

You can move your ETH to Goerli mETH or your Goerli-ETH to Mainnet gETH directly through the UI and can LP and trade directly through the Uniswap UI or in a consolidated manner on

We hope these markets make it significantly easier for Ethereum developers to test and have access to ETH on Goerli. This will be the first release of a series of public goods we launch with the specific focus of supporting the Ethereum developer community.

Try it now at