Design is also fashion: I’ve tried many times in the past to talk about the above topics. People…

In our experience, this reaction tends to come if you wait until the ‘Product’ is complete — to shoe your process. If you want people to appreciate all of the important aspects in the build up to the big ‘Ta-da”, you must involve them in the process that gets you there.

Theres always the possibility that your client doesn’t care, but it’s rare. It’s more likely that the person does not care, then a its a political matter that can be a mine field. But in general, showing people you care, makes them appreciate your process, get involved and then see the value and hard work in it. It however can lengthen a process that you could of accelerated by keeping it internal.

The up side of this however is you get better buy in in the long rung. Clients understand the process, and when you explain the next steps, they are more likely (in our experience) to complete them properly / share with colleagues / believe in the product.