How then does the labour party differentiate itself from the parties of the right?
Ron Bell

  1. Jeremy Corbyn’s policies are very similar to Ed Miliband’s, he just dresses them up in anti-austerity/anti-establishment rhetoric which appeals to our Labour membership (but not to the wider electorate — look our election results and his personal polling data nationally) So if Ed is right of centre, is Corbyn simply Centrist?..
  2. Labour can survive losing the votes of Greens/TUSC/Other left-wing groups, but we must win over Tory voters and UKIP (right of the right of middle ground to use your language) in England to win a general election. And no, Corbyn’s populist rhetoric won’t win over 3million socially conservative UKIP voters.
  3. Only those walled by a certain level of privilege could see no difference between Thatcher’s government and Blair’s Labour government.
  4. I’ve already torn down every one of these assertions you’ve made, and made my piece on this self-indulgent ‘‘Perhaps we should be able to give this a try’ argument.
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