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So New Labour had an identity but Ed Miliband’s didn’t?

About Mcdonnell, I was making the point that Corbyn’s Labour isn’t the overtly pro-immigration policy platform that many people assume it is.

I’ve got to say I didn’t appreciate your tone here. I was trying to humble, and admit that I don’t have all the answers. I did not think you’d be one of those types who arrogantly tell people to ‘education yourself, read more’ during a discussion.

‘Was talking about how we didn’t challenge the Tories on their narrative about Labour causing the global financial crisis from too much borrowing.’

Sorry I totally missed that point you were trying to make before. But yes I agree with this — they didn’t tackle that Tory lie well enough.

A centrist Labour Party agreeing to cut net migration is a million miles away from working with the EDL, it is madness to claim that. I don’t think the Labour Party has ever put those anti-racist principles ‘on hold’ to secure power, and ever will do. Not all those who call for less immigration are bigots, and this attitude to assume that, is alienating Labour from large swathes of the country.

I feel like we will simply go round and round with this discussion.

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