The Left’s ‘anti-war’ Groupthink is concerning. Sometimes Western intervention saves lives.

Momentum, that braying mob on the side of the angels, are now threatening individual Labour MPs with deselection over their decision to vote for airstrikes in Syria. Over the passed few days, our Members of Parliament have been intimidated, harassed and even threatened with violence. Some have been sent letters claiming that they have ‘blood on their hands’.

To those so certain of their views that they’d use violence and intimidation to assert them — it does not matter that coalition airstrikes in Iraq helped stop Erbil falling into ISIL’s hands. It does not matter that our airstrikes played a key role in the liberation of Tikrit, in the liberation of Sinjar and in the liberation of Amerli.

These arguments will be dismissed or ignored, reflexively.

As trucks filled with IEDs raced towards Kurdish towns and cities, UK planes and drones stopped them in their tracks.

How many lives did these save?

Again, nothing.

If we followed Corbyn’s lead, and ignored the pleas of the Iraqi government for military support against ISIL, how many more lives would have been lost?

Would you say Jeremy Corbyn has blood on his hands?

Probably not. Because even in the face of crimes against humanity, pacifism still has an air of nobility, amongst certain sections of the Left. And like their leader Jeremy Corbyn, they are absolute.

Corbyn has stated that he can’t think of an instance in which he’d deploy UK Military Force. Genocide in Rwanda, ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia, atrocities in Sierra Leone, none of these worthy of UK military intervention.

Jeremy Corbyn will search the darkest corners of his echo chamber to find opinions and ‘evidence’ that support his absolute view. When there is no room for compromise or rational thought, you inevitably fall into moral blindness and hypocrisy.

You find yourself facing the grotesque chaos of a ‘Stop the War Coalition’ sidelining the very people it professes to support. Any view, any argument, any evidence contrary to their view, is dismissed. Embracing conspiracy theories, or downplaying tyrant’s crimes, anything goes if it makes them feel morally right.

Frome the reductive language of ‘Don’t bomb Syria’ and vapid platitudes ‘Give Peace a Chance’; to the simplistc black and white thinking over our collective role in the world (‘remember Iraq!’), — I’ve been concerned by the groupthink of the mainstream Left. Any utterence in support of military intervention is shouted down as ‘warmongering’.

Many Labour MPs agonized over the decision to strike Daesh in Syria. I have a great deal of respect for those who engaged with arguments from either side, who spoke to their constituents, and followed their conscience. Whether they voted for or against strikes, they were a credit to our democracy.

(Here are articles by Labour MPs I urge people to read — Link, Link, Link)