Extreme people are raised in extreme environments. Extreme people in cold/mild/ non-extreme environments are mentally challenged/disturbed/ an anomaly. Therefore the first agenda of propaganda is making the extreme normal. Creation of a pseudo environment.

Beware of any ideology which hails extreme, different as normal. The whole fucking problem with this world is hailing exceptions as normals. Stop it. ‘You can do it!’ — this is not even half true — — NO you probably can’t, I know it sounds very noble and polite and right to say those words (and yes i am not referring to just those words by now) belief alone doesn’t change the world or reality which you keep running into and the crying about ‘unfairness’. You are not unique.

Its like a ponzi scheme of ideas. For the reality to take shape as the idea it is important for rest of the people to believe it too. But that’s not possible to do right? So the option they are left with is to introduce a law. Divide people, (identity politics) and stuff the crevice with a law. Sounds familiar?

You are labelled misogynist, racist, bigot, publicly shamed, ridiculed for not buying into their ideas.

Anyone who forces their own idea of reality on the masses can never hold a moral high ground. (which evidently the people on the fail to understand)