Video is hot sh*t.

The immersion of video, the captivating experience of a moment in time, captured and shared, somewhere on or off this globe visually and audible offers close to complete immersion — I love it.

Human evolution has a key building block we rely on to pass on information, share experiences and hence knowledge and insights gained. Storytelling, the ancient leap from reactive to proactive abstract concept communication is now entering a new phase. The bonfire, the ring of eager listeners are now on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and a wast number of other social plattforms for sharing information, moments and stories.

At F8, Facebook announced lots of cool new tools for us to communicate more effectively and create more engaging video experiences. 
Their Live API offers anyone to be a global broadcaster with close to no investment in equipment or infrastructure — the audience is global and all you need is a smartphone, Facebook and your story to tell the world. 
Their 360 initiative is interesting, and enables the first person view dimension to any story.

What’s super exciting is the fact that video is starting to mature and evolve on our screen of choice, mobile devices. Players like Facebook — putting their serious eggs in the video basket is a strong signal that this is where we are going. And it’s definitely something that you, me and all other users want and need — otherwise they / we wouldn’t spend these kinds of efforts innovating in video.

Further on, moving towards the fully immersed environment of VR, I’m eager to see the wave of innovation following Facebook and any other player out there making video great and accessible. Soon we will all be immersed in video somehow — virtually, augmented or plain reality.

This is good — Thanks you Facebook, and any other Video and Immersive Innovators out there.