AF Radio Wants You To Enjoy Radio The 21st Century Way.


Hooray! AF Radio has come to change the way Ghanaians will listen to radio in this digital era. Technology keeps on penetrating our lives with countless solutions to everyday problems. Our everyday lifestyle keeps on changing with technology setting the pace for it. With technological trends changing, each day sees the birth of a new idea in our society, and AF Radio is no exception.

AF Radio is a latest application that helps you listen to your favorite radio show without missing it and discover other radio shows in Ghana from anywhere in the world.

The Android app, unlike other radio apps, allows users to subscribe to their preferred shows and get notified as soon as it starts airing. Users don’t have to worry about missing a show if they’re unable to listen live as it airs. You can playback every show that you miss immediately after it airs.

The most unique feature that makes listening to radio feel really like being in the 21st century is you being able to join live tweet conversation online about the show, without you having to switch off from the app. Cool huh? That is a latest feature that Apple introduced when they announced their new Apple TV — tells you how smart Africans are.

In an interview with Founder, Bubunyo Nyavor, Co Founder and CEO of AF radio, he stated that, I do listen to a lot of podcasts. And most of what I listen to is from the West. But anytime I turn on the radio I realized that I always find something to listen to. What you realize is radio has content but it’s very difficult to discover. And when you do discover it, it becomes difficult to consume it”.

The world is moving fast in the digital space, and no industry can be left behind. It is not enough to live tweet shows from the studios for people to follow. Most times, especially in this digital era, it is the convenience at which people find things. Bubunyo says, “If you think about today’s world everything is about convenience. From taxi hailing, to food ordering, and finding a place to sleep, even sex. All off them have been made available and convenient for easy consumption. You can enjoy them when ever you please. Yet radio is not convenient. You have to come to it at a particular time to get what exactly what you want and that is exactly what AF Radio wants to change.”

After its launch on October 19, 2016, in Google Play Store, with over 60 shows and 40 stations, the application has received over 100 downloads with an excellent record of a 5 star rating from 15 users.

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