My Life in Post-its

The net result of massacring over 50 hapless post-its.

Radhika Ghosal
May 22, 2014 · 2 min read

Inspired by those amazing xkcd comics. My apologies for the obnoxious handwriting and drawing, (dis)tasteful exaggeration, and the horrible puns and jokes from beforehand.

To my non-Hindi speaking readers, I’ve included translations of the phrases used here and explanations to the references in the captions.

Kalu Sarai is a dingy urban village in Delhi. Think uncovered drainage and dirt roads, last seen in civilized society in the late 1800s.
“Yaar, neeyat naam ki koi cheez hi nahi hai”, basically translates into “Man, it’s like willpower doesn't even exist.”
“Kya yaar, yahan pe bhi beizzati. Matlab hadh hoti hai.” translates into “People insult me even here. I mean, what the hell?”
“Zindagi ne mera paagal banaakar rakh diya hai” translates into “Life has driven me up the wall.”

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