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My Andela Android Learning Story: From Novice to Basics.

Some time in February, I was working on some articles about the tech industry and ecosystems in Nigeria for a client, in the course of my research, I came across an ad for the Andela Android Learning Beginners Program, I just bookmarked it and continued with my research. Later that night, I went back to peruse the ad thoroughly, I did some thinking and said to myself “well, what harm could it do, you love tech, you’ve been writing about it for a while now, this could be your chance to get off the fence, and also, get accepted on Upwork”. Several weeks later, I got the aptitude test mail and procrastination kicked in, I had to be sent a reminder before I took the test! After a while, I got my results, I scored 75%, shocking right? Especially because the last time I took a computer class was my gap year. On resumption day, I opened my slack account, registered on Udacity and chatted with a few people, that’s when the challenges began; BEDC stopped giving regular power, my laptop was 2GB ram size (which I changed to 6GB), Android Studio and Java set-up was 3GB and offline videos was 11GB which means I needed money, and fast. I joined the ALC Delta WhatsApp group which my facilitator Ememobong Akpanekpo created and alleluia, the resources started coming; my team mate Noah helped me install android studio, Ismail gave me the offline videos and an introductory lesson on android, and Marquant who helped with various android app resources. Finally, I began my lessons, work in the day, lessons and coding at night. The first meet up was also a challenge, I had to travel to a different town to attend, I remember betting on a football game with N500 for transport expenses to Asaba (Thanks to my dear friend Hillary, I won N4500); I made it there and back, a total blast by the way. Understanding XML layouts was easy but when I got to Just Java lessons I knew I have arrived, creating my own apps such as coffee order form, court counter and the ALC Delta Informative app challenge was intense, I didn’t know jack in Java coming from an Industrial Chemistry field but I had to keep pushing, spent a lot of time on StackOverflow, YouTube, Medium, the ALC Delta WhatsApp and Ememobong asking questions and getting answers. Finally, I came up these apps;

Business Card
Coffee Order App
Tennis Court Counter App

My first full interactive app was going to be the quiz app, and I had a vision of what I wanted the layout and interaction to look like in my pseudo design, but bringing it to fruition required codes that where above my beginner level, that’s where my team mates Darlington, Omafovbe, Marquant and Ememobong came in, answering every tiny question I had on short notice. This is final layout design of the Trivia Quiz App;

Trivia Quiz App

This is the link:

It takes a village to raise a child and I’ve enjoyed every part of this journey. I’d like to appreciate everyone who has contributed to my journey from Andela Nigeria, Google, the instructors at Udacity, my facilitator Ememobong, friends and family for being my app guinea pigs, to my new friends in the ALC 2017 program. I must say that I’m super grateful for this opportunity of being able to find purpose, fulfillment and knowledge in something so abstract from what I’m used to and I do hope we go on to create/start a tech hub and android community in Delta soon!

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