King of the Mountains Giro — Snippets

A short selection of snippets from the riders of our inaugural King of the Mountains Giro

Stage 1 — Introduction to the Dolomites

The nerves, apprehension of the car ride: what had we signed up for? Was the gearing right?

First climb caught most off guard — an abrupt welcome to the Dolomites.

Spectacular views over the Sella Group (aka the big rocks).

Passo Gardena looks like a film set: Said most of the group!

The roads are so insignificant against the backdrop!

Few nerves about the Maratona Stage (Day 2) when the stats were shown!

Stage 2 — Maratona dles Dolomites

7 categorised climbs inside 134km are you having us on!!

The steadiness of the Campolongo eased everyone into the day .

Descent down to the Giau was a highlight.

Giau was brutal, no one expected to be so tough.

Passo Valparola was steady and manageable.

Passo Pordoi was a highlight for the group — 30 hairpins, huge views of the valley and the road below.

Sella Pass was the hidden wonder of the day.

Gardena was a final hurt, but views made it memorable.

Stage 3 — Double Passo Stelvio

48km of uphill — what have we signed up for?!

The forest to the top is the hardest section of a climb I’ve ever ridden — Prato ascent!

Ticking the switchbacks off became the biggest goal!

Knowing there was cake, coca cola and a chair at the top was a big incentive.

Descending into a headwind is never fun!

This side is definitely harder than Prato (as Toby rode the 14% sector before the hairpins on the Bormio side)… would later retract that statement!

What an experience! Prato is definitely rougher than Bormio for ascending.

Day 4 — Triple Mortirolo

Valley road breakaway from PK — I’m going for glory today!

This is just brutal, my cadence couldn’t be any lower.

Lots of very relieved people at the top post mazzo ascent!

The Edolo side was straightforward and easier than we’d expected!

The Pantani memorial inspired me… for twenty seconds.

Grosio was a sufferfest — long grinds, hot weather and tired legs, made this the toughest side for some.

Huge sense of achievement at the top — group spirits were high and so was moral as they cheered each other over the line!

Day 5 — Gavia

The fresher legs launched breakaways up the Gavia, but couldn’t hold on!

Ideal morning for the ascent — empty roads on the ascent — full on the descent!

The beer at the top tasted extra good!

Knowing we were descending for gelato got us down very quickly! *Unknown rider*!

Day 6 — Izoard, Bonette and More

The Queen! Or beast as many described it!

Attacks came on the Izoard, some took it steady — others smashed PB’s and blew out cobwebs!

Fast descent of the climb before the valley of the hellish headwind!

“You should never have to be at threshold when descending a valley road”.

Vars was hot and ugly.

Bonette was long, tough and full of flies!

Relentless, but manageable! The cime was just uncalled for — grinding the 13% sector.

The descent was the best the group had ever ridden!

“Best day on the bike ever”.

Day 7 — Braus, Madone and More

“If Nice is only 90km away why is it taking us 150km to get there” — The Group!

St Michel was a warm up, few attacks on it.

Turini saw the pain cave entered by several people as they pursued the panache award!

Descent down the switchbacks to Lescarne was just too much fun!

Col de Braus was hot, tough and saw the panache award contenders appear! Jon G destroyed the group up it!

The switchback snake was a sight, but nothing on Stelvio!

The Madone: one final climb and we’re done! It was bloody hot, very tired legs! But the attacks and solo breaks happened up here!

Not many pops, just a few broken people at the top! But what a way to finish the tour!

One last solo breakaway was attempted as all roads led downhill to Nice and the Promenade des Anglais!

Quote of the week “GET IN THE SEA” — every available opportunity when it got a bit tough!

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