Arsenal vs Watford: Don’t screw it up boys

Yah man wa be craykin?

It’s match day. Finally, a bit of football goodness, back in my life. Also, back in your life. It’s in all our lives. It never dies.

Arsene Wenger says we have to bring some urgency to the game.

“The level of champions and people who want to fight at the top is urgency, and urgency is something that keeps you alert, so we know what will be expected of us.

“We have to be conscious that it will be a different game at Watford, but the level of urgency is a big part of success and that is what we work on.”

He’s right. A slow start can’t be on the agenda. I want to see us destroy quickly and then get some players in the changing room having a rest.

Watford won’t be a breeze like United was. They won’t play to our strenghts. They’ll likely have a plan to nullify what we’re about.

I’d imagine they might try and capitalise on tired legs. They’ll start fast and try and catch us napping.

Big questions around resting players. This game isn’t a major one in terms of toughness, and it’d probably be smart for the boss to bring some rotation. Sanchez was played last week and he’ll have contended with a long flight. Last thing we need to be doing with him is throwing him into a 90minutes slog.

However, the form he’s in might make the temptation too strong. He can’t play all the games though. This would be a good one to leave him on the bench for.

Wenger also took time out to state the obvious.

“I would say the Premier League is the most important competition for us.”

Yep. The Champions league was a slag anyway.

“[We] are back and capable to get the best players. I think Man United game can increase the belief and hunger of the players.”

Yes Arsene. The belief is key here. Belief and hunger. Hunger is the most important thing for me. Sometimes we’re hungry, sometimes we’re the cat that won’t eat cat food because it prefers butchers cut ham. I’m not sure how we get our team to starve in the week. Because sometimes there’s a collective sigh of ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ and it kills us time and time again.

It’s a motivation issue. Wenger has struggled with the new breed of players he’s brought in to get them to bleed for the cause. How do we get some nasty into the side? How do we find our winnertivity? How do you break through the glass ceiling of comfort into a higher place of competitiveness?

This is what our next 6 games aim to address. We have a group of quite uninspiring games. A group of fairly winnable games (bar the Bayern matches). A group of games we’d normally screw up in.

We can’t screw up if we’re serious about the most winnable league in decades.

Enjoy the game wherever you may be.

Originally published at on October 17, 2015.

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