The Future Called: We’re Disgusting And Barbaric
Matt Chessen

Hi Matt, thought provoking post! I’d like to take the opposite view and mention that our descendants may envy us also! For example, because of our lesser technology — my job is in tech, but I sometimes remember wistfully a time where everyone around me didn’t have a smartphone in their hands all of the time. I love seeing people reading actual books on the train, low-tech can be a better experience.

Perhaps in the future, when we have implants to digitally enhance our lives, this connection to ever present technology will be even more pronounced; and some may look back at our “barbaric” ways with jealousy.

I’d also mention aswell that loneliness may never be fully solved, VR companions or not; a person can be in a stadium full of people and still feel isolated and unconnected. Education and greater empathy could be more likely to reduce it.

One final thing — about not killing animals. Since the advent of cars, the worldwide population of horses has plummeted; if we stopped eating cows, they may go extinct as we’d have no reason to keep breeding them! Just a thought!