Women Heroes — Alexa Skill

I’d like to introduce my first published Alexa Skill for the Amazon Echo — Women Heroes — Role Models for the World. It can tell you about inspirational female role models from a whole different range of walks of life — from astronauts, to tennis players, to politicians, to boxers, to scientists. Here it is in action:

I built it mainly as I’ve three amazing daughters and I wanted to build something female centric for them. A huge amount of the cartoons, movies and other media they consume are male dominated; from Captain America to Paw Patrol, women aren’t usually equal in terms of roles and screentime.

I‘ve entered it into the Alexa Skills Challenge competition, see the entry (and vote!) here. I didn’t really try to make something unbelievably new and amazing (I’m saving that for the Amazon Lex Chatbot Challenge !) — I just wanted to build a simple Skill that would be of some use and make my Jedi Princesses smile. They did ask why Rey wasn’t in it, but I wasn’t sure about copyright and the like!

Tech details — backend built using node.js, hosted on AWS Lambda, which is super easy to use and means no servers required!

If you try it out, feel free to let me know what you think! Andy