Gratitude Journal — January 10, 2016 — Showcase

I’m grateful for the fact that we went as a family last night to watch Chloe’s cheerleading showcase. We were there for about an hour and it was fun to watch Chloe’s teams run through their routines. I’m also happy that there was a non-competitive team that performed and that everyone made them feel just as special. They got bows and medals and lots of applause. I thought that was very classy and the girls will remember this special moment.

I am grateful that I saw this video online as well while looking for Chloe’s nfinity bag that she wants. I want her to be open to all the possibilities the path she is choosing. Her eyes bugged out of her head when she watched this video. Of course, if she decides to quit and take up bridge I’d be fine with that too.

I’m grateful that we went out for some pub grub yesterday after the showcase. The crazy part is that we both thought it at the exact same time. Tanja said it outloud about 5 seconds before I was going to. That’s some weirdly in sync action. I’m finding myself addicted to French Onion soup. We went to Tiger Jack’s for the festivities.

Lastly, I am grateful that I killed myself with my new kettlebells. The best part about it was that I did it while watching a PBS Nova show on samurai swords. Mel came down and watched the ending with me while I was working out. I was happy that she got to see the type of product that incredible — and I mean incredible — craftsmanship can produce. Show this to your kids the next time they are not happy with one of their drawings.

I am grateful for today. What are you grateful for?

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