Gratitude Journal — January 8, 2015 — The Family Meeting

I am grateful that we had a family meeting last night. The kids absolutely hate them but it’s important to talk family things as a family. The subject last night was the changing boundaries as the girls grow up. Bed times, responsibilities etc. Their reaction when we call a family meeting is a hilarious combination of groaning and terror. Even though we have maybe 2 a year and there is never anything to feel terror about.

I am grateful that we took down our Christmas tree before Easter. The obsessive minimalist in me appreciates less clutter and having some space back.

I am grateful that Tanja and I watched a few episodes of the Mindy Project last night. For anyone that hasn’t seen it — it is absolutely hilarious

I am grateful that I had an excellent day of working towards my goals yesterday. I will just keep taking a million baby steps. Bit by bit I will get there and I will do it while helping people. It feels great.

I am grateful for today. What are you grateful for?

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