On Vulnerability
Michael Brandt

I am discovering the incredible power of vulnerability and have been thinking and writing about it a lot lately. Your struck a chord with me.

My wife struggled with bipolar disorder and ultimately committed suicide. During that time I looked at vulnerability as weakness. It was partially because it didn’t jive with the persona I had created. It most mostly a short term survival mechanism that had long lasting consequences.

I abused alcohol for far longer than I had to because I was afraid to surrender. I was afraid to admit I was struggling and wanted desperately to change. So I didn’t share my fears. Hey, if I try to quit and don’t tell anyone then only I will know about my failure. When I surrendered and asked for help, I quit. Forever.

I’m actually writing a book on the subject right now as I feel so strongly about it. I call it Lay Down Your Shield and Become Invincible. I like to define vulnerability like this: Loving yourself enough to lay down your shield and share your real story.

Thank you for your insightful and important article.

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