The Book of Open 26.01.2016

I understand more clearly the web of lies I wove in order to protect myself from facing the truth.


Doing periscope broadcasts is helping me understand myself. I was talking about sobriety and the journey from the day I quit until today. Saying it all out loud made it all more clear somehow. I was robbing myself of all that I have now and telling everyone I knew that I was happy about it. That is fucked up shit right there, my friends.

Stop settling for rationalizing all the things in your life you want to change. Stop telling yourself what you don’t want and start talking about what you do want.

There is abundance waiting for you on the other side of whatever obstacle you are facing. Start imagining it and believe that you can have it. You can!


I did 20 sets of kettlebell swings with the 61 pounders. I did sets of 10 and got a good sweat going. I worked out for exactly 1 hour. I got chatty during my periscope broadcast.


I am grateful that Tanja made an incredible dinner of chicken parmesan, pasta and steamed broccoli. It was delicious and it felt good to have a warm, full belly.

I am also grateful for the fact that I was asked to participate in an online training course for the York Regional Police. We’re filming on Monday. Every little bit helps and it feels good to be participating in making a positive change.

I am grateful that I am healthy and fit. When I take stock of myself at almost 43 years of age I am happy. I know that if I continue to treat my body, mind and spirit well that I will enjoy good health well into the future. I am grateful that I am a positive role model for my kids.

I am grateful that I get to talk to the girls about the challenges they are facing. They won’t tell me everything and nor do I expect them to. But we have such good conversations about what they are dealing with and how to best work through the challenges they face. I hope they take the best from me and Tanjaand use that as a foundation on which to build their own unique and wonderful selves.

I am grateful that I got a few nice emails yesterday about the good work I am doing.

I am grateful for today. What are you grateful for?

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