The Book of Open 30.01.2016

Flexible leadership yields results.


This was a solid week at work. Just yesterday I really started to feel like we had made some real progress. I was looking at the KPIs that I measure and I can see the needles moving significantly in the right direction. People are responding and see me as an honest broker. People that previously scowled when they saw me are smiling and saying hi.

There are so many different ways to handle these situations and therein lies the lesson. There are some times where things are so bad you need to immediately rip the band aid off. There are others where it’s like boiling a frog in a pot of accountability. Smashing down roadblocks that have been hindering their success is another important responsibility of a leader. It’s shocking how long people suffer because no one ever bothered to help them. A leader needs many options in their tool belt and must be able to use them in the right way at the right time. Be flexible, be fair but always be relentless.


Nothing. Getting up a 12:49 am is not conducive to feeling spunky. I’m going to head down and work out in our hotel in a few minutes. You know how great hotel gyms can be :)


I am grateful for the fact that I am at a skating competition with Mel. This is our first time on an overnight sports trip and we are having a blast. She is such great company and we’ve had some wonderful conversations.

I am grateful that we went to Whole Foods last night. We Periscoped it which was pretty funny. I was talking to a lady while the camera was running and I didn’t realize the camera was pointed right at a sign that said Spanish Nuts. That’s funny shit right there.

I am grateful that Tanja and Chloe had a girls day yesterday. Haircut, pedicure, lunch and then some chocolate treats followed by setting up Winter Fair at ouramazing school.

I am grateful for today. What are you grateful for?

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