What I Did to Achieve My Goals Yesterday

My goal is to do a TED talk in 2016. I want to reach a bigger audience so I can help more people live better lives.

Here’s what I did yesterday to work towards them. When I write it all down like that it seems like a great day. I’m going to start doing this every day!

  1. I listened to an amazing podcast with Hal Elrod and John Lee Dumas. It was focused on how to achieve a big goal in 100 days.

2. I posted my first article on Fatherly.com after being invited to post there the previous day

3. I found a virtual course that starts tomorrow that I am going to sign up for today. I love Liz Ryan and tell me that it was a coincidence that she posted yesterday. I don’t believe in coincidences.


4. I had an amazing conversation with someone at work. He shared his deeply personal story with me about some of the things that are happening with his family. He then also told me that he is seeing a lot of the things I am doing and is inspired. He wants to start writing and sharing his story. He has an incredibly powerful message to share. Taking the first step towards putting yourself out there is hard. I offered to help him in any way that I can.

5. I firmed up a speaking engagement for January 27. The topic is my experience with mental illness, the impact it had on me and what I learned from it. I am so pumped to do this! The event is designed to coincide with Bell’s let’s talk campaign.

6. I asked for a recommendation on a previous speaking engagement. My host and friend graciously obliged and I know he is going to write something stellar. I love win-win situations.

7. I started researching what it would take to set up a TedX event in London. I’m thinking the best way to guarantee myself a speaking slot would be to organize the event myself. I’m not sure if I want to go down this path but I will do further research over the coming days.