“we have survived
so many fires,
i can no longer tell
if we are alive
or simply burning.”
 — Pavana Reddy

Letting go is difficult. Of people, dreams or your damaged self.

People who need help sometimes look a lot like people who don’t need help. They seem in control, always with a positive word. Everyone we come across has something deep within themselves for which, if given time and space, they would break down on the floor crying. Don’t be fooled by their cheeky, funny, smiling faces. The bigger the smile, the tougher the battle they are fighting.

Charles Bukowski said, “But we joke and laugh otherwise we would start screaming.”

This kind of sadness is either inherited or a fruit of our experiences and thinking. The only way I know to get out of this is to grow on a personal level — not try to become a different person, but change the way we interact with who we already are.

The hardest part is actually taking action. Leaving the people you say you’re going to leave. Leaving the place you thought you’d always stay. It’s a terrifying thing to do. We’ve tried so hard or come a long way that if we let go now, it will feel like a waste given the time and effort we invested in it. But that’s the only way to heal. To take action. Hard as it may be, everything starts with that one action.

Letting go of things that have already slipped away will be one of the kindest things you will do for yourself.

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