Dealing with mortal fear. Will I dodge the breast cancer bullet?
Lisa Shanahan

Thank you for writing, I’m not yet in the zone for this but have been through this with my mother many times. Speaking out about the fear, the ambiguity & confusion is powerful.

I’m so sorry you were informed by letter, I feel you were owed a phone call if they wanted a repeat with additional films & additional procedures. I’m so sorry.

Having rode this same roller coaster without safety gear, with my mother & having watched her go though the doubt. Being told the only way “to be sure” by the first oncologist she consulted was to do a lumpectomy without a prior biopsy. We ultimately found a doctor at a well respected teaching hospital to do a fine needle biopsy. It thankfully confirmed that the suspicious area was not cancer. We will never get over what the first doctor said & intended to do. But we continue with the 6 month mammograms more than 15 years later.

I worry I too will become a part of this 6 month merry go round of mammograms shortly as I’m am soon to come of mammogram age.

I wanted to link out to this (link at end), Mother Jones recently wrote on the long term data of how mammograms are affecting the detection, treatment & survival rates of breast cancer.

My full support to anyone who has fought, is fighting or to anyone who cares for someone who is fighting or who lost a loved one to cancer.