Now is not the time to go Green (Party)
Friends of the Earth

Oh look, someone else sold out to hillary, desperate to cover having exposed herself in the podesta emails as a total liar on environmentalism and not afraid to use someone else as a tool for her dirty work to take jabs at competitors like Jill Stein who have comparably impeccable records on environmentalism. Jill stein actually protested the XL pipeline, whereas Hillary supports it. Hillary supports global fracking. This piece is designed to shame and scare us into ignoring Hillary’s own record and ignoble statements, as if somehow she will magically become the candidate we want if we just give her our vote and trust this one time. Bullshit. Hillary laughs at the idea of accountability, as can be seen in the podesta emails. You are asking us to support a candidate who in her own words describes supporting the pipeline, fracking and all the other neocon stances you’d expect from a corporate oligarch. You don’t elect someone and then change their stance. You elect someone based on their stance. Hillary states in the wikileaks openly that she will never actualluy support any environmental issue in real terms, so good luck “holding her accountable” after you elect the corporate stooge. Which is exactly why she sent sites like you, to smear Jill stein and rally the few votes that could possibly be swayed back in the last minute in the disasterous wake of the Podesta leaks. Sorry Hill, these voters you wanted to keep ignorant aren’t that stupid and we aren’t falling for your fear tactics or your shame tactics.

Hillary is not getting my vote and anyone who cares about the environment should be ashamed to vote for her. SHAME on this website for promoting such hackery, SHAME on you for selling out our children’s future for proven corrupt lying neocon (and if anyone questions that I encourage you to read the podesta emails yourself and find out exactly what Hillary really stands for). Now is exactly the time to vote green, now is when we MUST vote green. This article is a scare tactic by Hillary. Don’t fall for the cheap trick.

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