Pronunciation: A-THAZZa-gore-foe-bee-aa. Something like that! You can kind of just sound it out and you’d be about right:)

Meaning: Fear of being forgotten, ignored or being replaced.

Have you ever had this fear during any phase in your life? Do give yourself a blatantly candid answer.

The fact is everyone at one point in time apprehends about people forgetting him or her to a certain extent. When this apprehension grows beyond a mere fear it leads oneself into all together a different personality disorder which is — “Athazagoraphobia.” Well, one can dive further into this term to find the cause, symptoms, remedies etc.

We all will agree that the process to — ‘Replace/Supersede, & of Replacement, or being Replaced/Substituted has been there even before men came up with the word. If not at this point, read on to agree later.

The purpose of deliberation here is to correct one’s understanding, only “men-made lifeless objects can be replaced” and not an organic form that exist or a living being.

We all know that a car is mechanical unity. There is no life in it, and that is why you can replace one part with another & it fits in perfectly well, whether OE or duplicate. However, can you replace a man/woman?

It is impossible!

When one dies/transforms, a unique phenomenon disappears; disappears completely, it cannot be replaced.

When a father dies or a mother dies; how can one replace them? One can have another father “a step-father” or “a step-mother” but these will be another father/mother, not a replacement! The shadow of the first will always be there. The first can never be forgotten.

To better understand it; ask a mother who has more than one child, can having more than one ever replace either of the children?

Leave aside a human to human relation; even if one had a dog who has died; one may get another, but the shadow of the first will always be there. A grain of organic sand for that matter is as unique as any living being, you cannot find the same grain of sand even if you explore the whole universe.

Replacement is possible only in men-made ‘mechanical objects/unity’.

This is where the understanding of men has failed him & hence the fear of being ‘replaced’. The height is that this fear has led men to such a state of panic that even in their relations they are ready to ‘replace’ before being ‘replaced’ How sad is their state?

They have failed to understand that — life is an organic unity, it has a quality of uniqueness, and one cannot replace another. A part in a mechanical object/unity can be replaced as they are not unique. But an organic unity depends on the whole.

Believe in yourself, you are the irreplaceable whole!