“History will repeat, but your part in it will change”

They say “you reap as you sow.” If we feel consciously as well as subconsciously happy within, we have been sowing happiness.

If we are miserable that simply means that we have been sowing misery. No body creates happiness or misery for you other than yourself. And not all is reaped here in the same life. There is a gap between sowing & reaping, and because of this, ‘the gap’ we get deceived in thinking of others to be responsible for our state. But have we thought what we have been doing to ourselves and others in so many past lives that we have lived ?

When suddenly we enter into the payback period we reap what we think we have not sowed. It is very natural human instinct to look for some outer cause and take solace by liberating ourselves of the responsibility of our own state. To the extent that when we do not find a cause we invent something called “luck”!

But we fail to understand the theory of Karma. Every person/circumstances that we come across is as a result of our own drawing them towards us. Some to favour us in our assignments to get accomplished & some to teach us humility when we don’t understand to give away what we were temporarily given to hold. And when we hold it back or oppose the nature’s mandate we continue within the same viscous cycle of “live die repeat” in different forms unless we give it away/pay back what was rightly to be held by someone else/some other form in some other existence to the next soul to hold.

When we get good fruits in reaping we fail on showing gratitude. When we get the unexpected we say — ”God, why me?”

Now leave Gods aside, he wants to be no part of what you did in the past or will do now to get what you are getting here as a result of it.

The conscious within us guides us on the right path for us to walk.

Else we must remember, “History will repeat, but your part in it will change!”