Lessons that Kaizer (my German Shepard Dog) taught me:

Since my childhood I have been in love with dogs; it was just natural then when I used to play around fondly with a pack of dogs from the streets where I grew up. But somehow I could never have a pure breed dog at home while I was growing up. Later getting into a transferable; field job never gave me the option to have one. Unless, 18 months back I decided that I will have one with what so ever compromise do I have to settle with in my lifestyle to really commit myself to the kid I was to bring into my home. Today post 18 months of togetherness I have come to realize & begun to live these significant lessons that Kaizer has taught me.

Undoubtedly every-day we are together there is learning happening; some of the most prominent ones are:

Love deeply & unconditionally: 
Dogs are an epitome of unconditional love. They just go for it fearlessly; in loving surrender to you whole heartedly, not thinking once whether they will be loved back or not. No matter how you treat them; even if you have yelled at them, pushed them away as many times, what mood you’re in, they will instantly forgive you and stick by your side giving you BIG wet kisses. Without being taught they understand that vulnerable to love is a gift that brings more love. Everybody wants love, and being vulnerable makes us able to receive it. Loving someone unconditionally is a difficult task for us humans but then (trust me), it is worth it! And yes, only the un-calculative, courageous can love for the sake of love, there can be no reason to love except to love. Love as if today is your last day on earth & love as if you are going to be there forever!

Being Loyal & dependable:
Dogs are pack animals. The pack is their family; they will never turn their back from or abandon the family. They defend their pack with their life. Even if the leader has out-cast them, they will continue walking far from the pack but along, even trail behind but they will never leave the pack/family. This should remind us to be conscientious towards our family. Being dependable friend, lover, sibling, and parent is a virtue that we must embrace.

When you meet loved ones always express it out:
Dogs always greet you by waging their tail, circling around you and jump up with joy and welcome you. Even if you have gone away for 15 min they will welcome you with the same zeal. When you come across your loved once (even if it is every day) tirelessly take the opportunity to let them know that you are happy to see them. Treat them as you would want to be treated. Do not take them for granted ever!

Live in the present moment:
Dogs do not have memory like we do, they recall/remember by the smell & only access & process the information when they need it. For the dog playing now is what matters, promising to play tomorrow does not count for today! They live in the present; however, we humans are too attached with the past & always with the fear of tomorrow that we kill our present. The past is gone, nothing can be done about it, future is unknown/unpredictable and hence the truth is – we only exit in the NOW! Consume yourself to the moment that is, make it count.

Hold No Grudges:
Humans are the only species that holds grudges. A dog never will be angry if a treat was not given, food was served delayed, there was no water in the bowl for hours or the evening walk was not long enough. Being out, leaving the kind soul all alone the whole day. Slept till late and his morning needs got delayed. Any reason that we can think of cannot make them hold grudges against us. Resentment towards anyone is like being held captive in your own prison. Free the self from it and you will enjoy your personal freedom in true sense.

Play – you are never too old for it:
Dogs are absolutely playful animals, all they want is for us to play with them. They love challenging games and it helps us opens up our minds & spirit. Playing with them keeps the child in us alive. Playing not only keeps us physically fit; it also makes us breathe fresh air, helps us break out of our mundane activities leaving aside our clogged minds. Isn’t it what our inner self is always looking for?

Never give up and if you do have to, give up with grace:
Dogs love chasing a ball, a squirrel or a cat in all their playfulness. They will try to climb a wall, scratch a tree trunk to reach up. Bark & howl their heads off. They will simply not just stand there thinking – “No way, I cannot!” and give up before even trying. And after all the hard and best efforts that they could have done if they have to walk away they will do so effortlessly without any bitterness in their heart. So, we must never give-up without our best efforts & if we have to, then let it be graceful enough.

Keep your Curiosity Alive:
Dogs not only want to sniff anything and everything that is not known to them but they will every time sniff the same light pole on the walk or the bag that you come with from the office even if they would have sniffed it more than a thousand time. Who knows it would be something different this time?

Life is a journey – Enjoy it!
Going out for a car ride and the dog is always ready and jumps in without a second thought of where they are going (as long as they are with you). They just stick their head out of one window and then the other feeling the fresh air sweep through their fur and gaping mouth. In our chase for goals that we have set for our life we get too occupied & worried of the outcome. 
We are entangled in our own fears – Where is it going to lead us? 
What if we do not reach by the time line? 
What if we fail? 
What will people think about our capabilities? 
To have a goal is a good thing but not enjoying the journey is not!

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