The inevitable, Change!

For us humans, it is not without tremendous and conscious efforts that a change can be made possible. True to life; we all know that change is the only constant and inevitable for our survival yet we resist it the most. 
 I personally have always lived with a strong belief/code in my life and yet I have seen my beliefs change with time and that is what I see as my evolution towards being an entrepreneur and a good human being. Of the many things that I have learnt living this challenging life; I am putting across a few important things that has helped me grow and it might help you (the reader) too.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” I don’t know whose quote is it but I am in complete agreement to what is being suggested through it. Initially my belief system gave me a hard time inculcating the idea of acceptance without agreement, but then I realized that I was being myopic and that it will keep me away from my purpose. So I consciously fought with myself (and still do at times) to be able to accept a thought, idea, strategy that does not gel with my belief system or framework. However, to be honest all of my growth has come to me from looking/reading beliefs, ideas, and strategies with which I initially disagreed.

Here is how I did it:

Accepting That With Which You Disagree

If you disagree with a belief or an idea or a strategy, the fact that other people have found value in it is evidence that it is indeed useful to one or many. However, the skeptical mind will suggest; the fact that other people have found something helpful is not a proof positive enough that it will be helpful for you, but I say — it’s enough for you take a note of it. Most people avoid idea with which they disagree, and are only seeking that what confirms their already existing beliefs. Growth, however, comes from changing your mind-set accepting and acting on new perspectives.

Think about this, if the ideas, beliefs and strategies you have now were capable of producing the results you want, wouldn’t you already be successful in producing those results. If you want things to be different than they are now, you are the first thing that you need to change.
 Remember this; the more you are locked into what you already know and believe, the more you are locked in and confined to your present state. If you are going to be so unwilling to even look at ideas that you find challenging, you will end up eliminating new ideas, new beliefs, new strategies — and the new choices you might have available to you.

Change Starts in Between Your Ears

There have been times when I have encountered a strategy I find difficult to digest or agree to. The idea was good and it sure did have value associated with it. However, in support to my belief; a part of me continued to argue that it is not possible for me to implement it. And if fact, my mind immediately came up with an exhaustive list of all the possible reasons to substantiate why it cannot be implemented/executed by me. I am guessing that you too would have had similar experience in your lives. And when we buy into one or many of those exhaustive list, we close the doors to our growth. 
 Growth requires change — and that change invariably comes with discomfort.
 If you feel empowered or in fact have the empowerment to be able to influence people around you and be of help or a catalyst of change towards betterment, there is no better training than learning to change yourself first.

In the end, I leave you with a thought: “What ideas, beliefs and strategies are you willing to give up and replace with new ones?

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